Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Yup, Defoe's finally back in 2000AD soon this year in..... THE LONDON HANGED!!!!

Written by Pat Mills and drawn by myself, this will be our SIXTH book of Defoe! Can't wait for you to see it, so here's a few little teasers....

(And yes, Defoe has lost a little weight by staying away from 17th century Krispy Kremes...)




 So yes, the final issue of the US format collected Aquila came out this month from 2000AD/Rebellion.

You can find the CBR preview here (with a gorgeously creepy Dave Kendall cover), but here's the interior pages written by Gordon Rennie, drawn by me, coloured by Dylan Teague and lettered by Annie Parkhouse....

I hope you enjoy it! I'll do some more Aquila "making of" features soon when the dust has settled.

Available in all good comics shops now, or digitally at the 2000AD online store!

It marks my final trip into the world of Aquila. Drawing two separate historical fantasy strips (this and Defoe) for 2000AD can get a bit much sometimes with all the research involved, so I'm aching to do some sci-fi!!!!


Thursday, 7 May 2015


OK, time to get back on this bloggy thing!!!

So y'know Aquila, the series I draw for 2000AD written by Gordon Rennie, coloured by Dylan Teague, Gary Caldwell and lettered by Simon Bowland? Well it's time to don your loin cloth once more as the entire sage is being repackaged as a 5 issue US format series, OUT NOW!

Issue 1 came out last month that you can still get in stores or digitally from the 2000AD online shop!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that it had a really nice quality glossy cover that feels so nice on my face, and reviews have been great! Comics Alliance say, " Aquila is a smart choice for a standalone book, and the creative team is one of 2000AD's best."

Issue 2 will be out 20th May. Later on in the series I take a break and my nemesis Patrick Goddard takes over for a storyline, but then I return!!!

By the way, if you'd like to take a step into my time machine and check out this early post on the creation of Aquila, and what was used for the first issue cover, head HERE!

Friday, 5 December 2014


We're off to France!!!!

Hey guys, just letting you know that the lovely folk at the LILLE COMICS FESTIVAL were kind enough to invite me to their show this weekend, where I shall be sketching, selling original art and prints!

I'll be joined by a host of fellow 20000AD droids!

They asked us each to draw a limited print for them, depicting a mashup of a movie poster and comics characters. Here's my Ghostbusters/ Judge Death!

See you there!


Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Hey guys, I have a couple of exciting convention appearances coming up before the end of the year! 

For my first one, myself and PR droid Michael Molcher have kindly been invited and will be representing 2000AD at this week's MALTA COMICS EXPO on Friday 31st October till November 2nd!

I'm guessing I'll be sketching most of the time, as well as providing the eye candy for the 2000AD booth.... I'll bring along some original art to sell as well from Dredd, Defoe and Aquila. Have to remember bring my mankini...

Should be a great show! Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Well, I finished drawing the final part 10 of Aquila: Carnifex just in time, and tomorrow in 2000AD prog 1897 you can read episode 8! Here's a 2 page preview written by Gordon Rennie, drawn by me, coloured by Dylan Teague and lettered by Annie Parkhouse, with a preview of the rest of the prog on the 2000AD Tumbler HERE....

As ever, you can buy 2000AD from your local comic shop, newsagent, or digitally from the 2000AD online shop every Wednesday!

Now...back to drawing DEFOE!!! ;)

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Y'know what, I'm just gonna come out and say it: I %*&$£"$%!$ HATED drawing this double page spread! But, it just goes to show you what we 2000AD droids go through in order to bring you quality THRILL POWER every week!

2000AD prog 1891, featuring AQUILA:CARNIFEX episode two is out in all good stores and digitally from the 2000AD online store, tomorrow!

AND, as a bonus, it also features a brilliant new story called BLACK SHUCK, written by my old university buddy Leah Moore and her beardy hubby John Reppion, drawn by   Steve Yeowell, coloured by Chris Blythe, and lettered by my buddy Simon Bowland! 

Anyway.... onto the making of this pain in the ass double spread! First, script by Gordon Rennie....

Afraid I can't find my pencil files, so here's my inks...

Then onto Dylan Teague for colouring....

And finally Annie Parkhouse for lettering!
So yeah, this took me a bloody long time to do, but it worked out nicely in the end, and we have some even nicer pages to show off in the coming weeks,,,,, right, I'm off for a chicken fillet burger.....

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


I'M BACK!!!! Did ya miss me??! No? WELL FINE!!! SEE IF I CARE!!! (Sniff...)

So yeah, sorry for the blog silence. Having a baby kind of side tracked a lot of things, but I've been working hard in the background and in tomorrow's 2000AD prog 1890 you can find the return of AQUILA in "CARNIFEX", written by Gordon Rennie, drawn by me, coloured by Dylan Teague and lettered by Annie Parkhouse!!!!

There's a preview of all the stories in the prog from a wealth of talented fellow droids on the CBR site HERE.

Here's the lovely cover digitally painted by Karl Richardson (with a making of it on 2000AD UNCOVERED here!). Always fantastic to see another artist's take on a character you've co-created, and he did us proud!

And speaking of a "making of", I've not done one for a while, so here's how the first not one, but TWO pages of the first episode were put together, starting with a brilliant script from Gordon Rennie....

After scratching my head a lot, not because of a rash or anything, but because I have to get back into Roman research mode, I created these loose pencilled pages. I was pretty happy with the layout of the first page with a nice dramatic opening for our hero. It's just a shame that the ferocious man-goat kills Aquila on the third page, making it the shortest series ever.... ;)


Next up, we have Dylan Teague's gorgeous colouring. Particularly happy with the sense of depth on the splash page.

And then finally it goes to the marvelous, and recent True Believer Comic Award winning Annie Parkhouse, to letter!

So that's it! It's bloody good to be back in 2000AD! You can find this in all good comic shops, newsagents and digitally at the 2000AD shop, every Wednesday for the next 10 weeks!

Right, now I just need to finish the last few episodes....


Monday, 10 February 2014


Well THIS was totally unexpected!

First up, the lovely guys at the 2000AD fan site EVERYTHING COMES BACK TO 2000AD voted for their top five covers of 2013, and I was totally honoured to be their number one, despite some ridiculously strong competition!

THEN, not long after, the official 2000AD forum had their own vote off, and I won again!

As I told the guys, I'm very humbled by this, especially as I know that Defoe isn't one of 2000AD's "A-listers", so it's great to see him get some props!

Anyway, if you'd like to revisit the making of this cover, make with the clicky here!

And uncomfortably long hugs to everyone that voted!


Sunday, 29 December 2013


Hope y'all had a fantastic Christmas! I did, as I had a BABY!  ;)

So anyway, I've just updated the original Judge Dredd artwork bloggy post (found here) with nearly THIRTY new pieces!!!

As I've been getting more enquires lately, I've found some more from "DAY OF CHAOS" as well as the latest Christmas tale "THE RIGHT THING" from the bumper 2013 prog. Also a few more double pages from "THE FAMILY MAN" and finally from "WHAT THE HITLER SAW"!

Here's a few examples, but head to the main post for more!!!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013


(Cover by Ben Willsher.)

I FINALLY get my hands on Dredd again! And this time it's drawing the 12 page "The Right Thing" for the special year ender BUMPER prog of 2000AD 2014!!! 

It's brilliantly written by Michael Carroll, wonderfully coloured by Chris Blythe, and lovingly lettered by Annie Parkhouse!

(My inked page.)

It's part of a great lineup of THRILLPOWERED tales by a host of my buddies in the business, and you can see a preview of each of the stories on CBR HERE!

(Brilliant colours by Chris Blythe and letters by Annie Parkhouse.)

I should say that another reason I was ecstatic to have another crack at Judge Dredd, is because I wanted this opportunity to slightly "tweak" my version of him. Here's the thing: there's WAY TOO MANY talented artists with their own takes on him, that I wanted mine to stand out too (apart from the old man scrotum face look that I'm known for).

So I tried to go for a look that was the opposite to what a lot of my friends do with him:

(My rough design approved by Tharg.)

Thinner, sleaker, a blacker look with no highlights, a collar closer to the movie version, a thicker zip, and "tread marks" down his chest.

A slight problem: even though I LOVE Chris Blythe's colouring on this, (it's some of the best I've seen him do!) as is the case sometimes, it's printed a touch too dark, and so it's hard to make out some of my new uniform tweaks.  So here is my inked version of Dredd's appearance in the episode.....

So that's it! Please check out the bumper 2000AD Prog 2014 out in all good stores from tomorrow, as well as digitally from the 2000AD store HERE!

I'm really quite proud of this one!!!!

(PS: Look out for a guest appearance by me in another strip in this prog, courtesy of my nemesis, PJ Holden....)


Monday, 18 November 2013



I've just updated the 2000AD DEFOE section of my original art sales found HERE. All interior pages and covers are from this summer's DEFOE :THE DAMNED series, written by Pat Mills, though I've also decided to FINALLY put up for sale my favourite zombie baby cover seen as my blog header above! (Sniff....)

Various prices ranges to choose from, and the new listings can be found from number 30 onwards!

Here's a few previews.....

Monday, 30 September 2013


Here's a quick "Making of" post on one of my favourite pieces of recent art: the opening double page spread from this summer's book of "DEFOE: THE DAMNED" published in 2000AD prog 1836!

As always, it begins with a lovely script by LEGENDARY writer Pat Mills.....



Night.  Opening title spread shows thousands of Zombies besieging the White (inner) Tower of London.  

Feature individual Zombies whose progress we will follow throughout the serial.

As space permits:

   A)an obese Zombie, B)a Zombie in a wedding dress,  C) a wealthy child Zombie who was once beautifully dressed, D) a Zombie whose clothes are intact at the front but have rotted away behind, E) a Zombie with no eyes, F) a hanged Zombie covered in tar – his neck elongated and flopping (as in Book One), G) a Zombie with one arm and his head tilted to one side.H) A Zombie with no ears.

Flies buzzing around them, crows feasting on them. 

Their  leader, the Spiriter, looks up at the Tower.

Some Zombies are clambering up the walls.  The unseen defenders – Defoe and co. -  are firing down on the Zombies and we see some of them dropping but there are so many, we know the defenders’ situation is perilous..



As you can see, it left a lot of interpretation up to myself, but I realised that in order to be able to show all the zombies, I'd have to add panels to identify them all properly.

But first, a day trip to The Tower of London was essential so I could get shots like this:

 And I couldn't help but take some like this....

They were a massive help creating this, first, in pencil, noting that I made sure to add enough panels to feature all the zombies he wanted me to highlight, as well as establish The Brethren on top of the Tower (make with the clicky!)....

Followed by quite a lengthy, but bloody fun process of inking, and we're done!


Believe it or not, I don't have an incredible body (I know,you're STUNNED!). Like most comic artists I spend most of my day at the drawing table, not getting much exercise.

When it comes to drawing comic characters I still use myself as reference for whatever body type it is (male/female/donkey/fat/skinny/muscular) and just adjust accordingly.

BUT NO MORE I SAY!!!! I wanted to improve as an artist, and so asked around for recommendations for an artist's model that would also look good on my shelf. My buddy and incredible Marvel Comics artist, Mike Perkins, put me in the direction of artistsanatomy.com and I'm so glad he did!

The muscle definition is exactly what I was after, it's a beautiful sculpture, and at 12 inches tall, looks great on my shelf! I couldn't recommend it more, and will be using it in a few weeks when I start the next book of 2000AD's AQUILA!